Inspiration, it’s everywhere….but I have no time for that right now….

I finally had some time with just me and my easel last weekend….well, I did have company besides just my easel.  I met a good friend of mine and we had a “paint day”.  Paint day- a day when we forget about laundry, dishes, and dust bunnies, and just concentrate on getting some paint on the canvas and some well deserved brush mileage.  It is amazing what I can accomplish on “paint days”.  I guess I give myself permission to just “paint”.  Don’t get me wrong, I have “normal” days with my easel where I get a lot done…however, I think it is very beneficial for creative minds to get together.  I think they feed off of each other and the creativity flows.  I feel so energized after when my creative mind is engaged.  It is like the rush you get after a great work-out.  You’re really tired but a “good” kind of tired.  I guess it is very similar…it is a creative mind workout!  

I’m always amazed at the littlest things that can engage my creative mind.  It can be as little as a “cool” color on something as seemingly insignificant as a rock to as grand as the view from a mountain top at over 9,000 feet elevation.  Whenever my mind is creatively charged like that, I just want to find an outlet for that.  I either want to paint, sketch, craft, or scrapbook.  Ah…scrapbooking, my new found love as well.  It holds a creative high for me too, but, that’s a different post….  I’ve found that when I’m not feeling very creatively inspired, all it takes is a stroll outside, a flip through an art magazine, looking through photographs I’ve taken, a chat with another creative soul, or just visiting some favorite websites….instant high.  However, I think one of the most frustrating things about being a creative, very visual person is not being able to unleash that creativity whenever the “charge” hits.  Whether it be the “day job”, domestic duties, prior commitments, the fam wondering what’s for dinner, they all present a little challenge…not now, no outlet right now…..   So, the question is, how can I store that creative charge for another time?  How do I juggle the necessities with the wants?  How do I fit in “me time”?


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