Jack of all trades….

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a lot of hobbies/passions.  In fact, just this evening, my dad was joking with me about how he thought I might have just a couple of free minutes and that maybe he needed to find something to fill them.  He told me that I had way to much going on.  I had to remind him that the weekends and a few weeknights are the only time I have to fit in my passions.  I refuse to live a life void of fun and void of all my passions.  If I wait until the perfect time to focus on my artwork or my photography….would it ever happen?  Probably not.  I really believe there’s never a “perfect” time for anything, it just happens or we make it happen and learn to make everything fit or “make” it the perfect time.  I don’t think perfection “just happens”.

My hobbies, although stressful sometimes, are a big part of my fun and most definitely my passions.  I love hunt, horseback ride, shoot sporting clays, paint, scrapbook, hike, camp, and work on my photography…..just to name a few.  Some of my hobbies provide “fuel” for other hobbies.  Horseback riding, camping, hiking, boating, all provide creative material for my artwork, scrapbooking, and photography.  The way I see it, it’s win-win…. 

Last weekend was a scrappin’ weekend….a lot of fun with good friends.  I had a lot of laughs of some great pictures, layouts, and company.  This weekend, it is all about photography.  I’m attending a weekend long seminar.  I’m hoping to learn more about using my camera, adapting for less than ideal photography opportunities, and just tips and tricks to improve.  I hope to learn more about how to capture the scene as my eyes see it, not as the camera sees it.

I’m really excited about the seminar and look forward to submerging myself in this hobby/passion for the weekend.  I’m already looking forward to applying the knowledge….I mean, its snowing!  Should make for some great photo ops!  The kids playing in the snow, the horses in the snow, the beautiful, clean landscape……can’t wait!

Photography….that’s my trade this weekend.  Yep, I’m basically a jack of most trades……..not sure that I’m a master of any but I sure have fun trying!  🙂


3 Responses to “Jack of all trades….”

  1. therese wehmeyer Says:

    Someday the passion will turn into the way to make a living, and the two will become one!

  2. Theresa McKinney Says:

    Just remember all the people who have pushed you NOT to have any free time!

  3. veronicabrownart Says:

    Ha ha….Yes Theresa!

    The class this weekend was awesome! I learned a lot of cool stuff and found that I’m on the right track. I’m so jazzed about going out and trying to apply some of what I learned…..is it the weekend yet??!!!??

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