Feb 1, 2010–The painting a day begins…


02-01-10 Painting A day "Spurs"

Well, it is Feb. 1….”the painting a day project” begins!  I have really been looking forward to this, however, I’m also a little be nervous about it.  I mean, what happens if I can’t think of something to paint…..whatever….I think my problem will actually be that I have too many ideas swimming around, it’ll be hard to settle on one idea.  I have no expectations of any of the paintings going in.  They will be what they will be.  Nothing has to “turn out” or be a masterpiece 🙂  This is meant to be fun practice and to force me to paint every day….whether the mood is there or not!  I typically paint in thin layers over a period of time.  I love to build up those layers of color and then do the fine detail at the end….there’ll be no time for that on these!  These will be quick studies done with thicker paint.

Well, here’s the first attempt………..”Spurs”….I apologize for the glare on the painting.  I just finished it and the oils are pretty thick so, they’re really giving off a glare.  I also should probably add that these little “gems” are painted on 6″x6″ canvases and will hang at a frame shop/gallery in Chesterfield for a month, when finished.  Enjoy!


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