Feb 2, 2010-Painting a day project

02-02-10 painting a day - "The Horse's Eye"

Last night, I was inspired by something a little different.  It was something I had seen during one of our last snows while out, checking our horses.  My horse, Austin, always has to come and greet me.  He loves attention.  My daughter’s horse, on the other hand, waits to see if maybe there are treats involved before coming to visit.  Anyway, I was taking pictures of the horses in the fresh snow and happened to look a little closer at my horse’s eye.  I saw a reflection of my daughter’s horse in his eye along with a bit of the field and tree line.  I thought it was so cool and snapped a quick picture, filing it away for later, knowing that I wanted to incorporate it into a painting at some point.  I thought one of the little 6″x6″ painting a day canvases might be the perfect format for a little “study” so, here it is….The horse’s eye.  I did approach this one with a bit different technique this go round….I started out with bristle brushes and very little paint, scrubbing the paint into the canvas and then building layer upon layer, switching to softer brushes as I went so I could lay more wet paint on top of wet paint.


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