Feb 4, 2010-Painting a Day Project

I’m not so much into still life painting…..I think because most still lifes seem to consist of fruit or flowers.  I admire the artists who can paint those subjects beautifully and turn something so ordinary to interesting…..it is just not really me.  This is not to say that I’ll never paint anything like that, just that for these little daily paintings, I prefer to use them more as “studies” for larger works or to work out ideas, or just simply to record a memory from one of my hikes.   

Today’s painting is of one of the buffalo at a game park about an hour from home.  I love watching these big guys.  Most of the time, they just wander around grazing, moving slowly, however, this day, I watched one of the big bulls step between a couple of “young uns” that were running around and trying to get others stirred up.  They ran around a bit and then, just when they started getting a few others to join them, the big bull walked up and stood next to one of them, as if to say, “enough’s enough”.  They calmed down almost immediately. 

This painting is a little study of that big disciplinarian after things were back to normal.  He had his head turned slightly which caused me a little trouble in trying to capture.  I’m not totally happy with this one, I didn’t capture his form and dimension correctly, but hey, that’s what these little paintings are for….practice without worry of the outcome.  So, on this blog are the good as well as the bad.




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