Feb 7, 2010 – painting a day project

Well, here it is, my final installation from the first week of my painting a day project.  This is proving to be very interesting.  I find I have a hard time deciding what to paint, then when I do decide, I enjoy the process….however, it is proving to be tough some nights, to find the time to paint.  That is why I did this, to get my butt in gear and make myself paint more.  I thought this would be a great way to try and keep one of those resolutions and in blogging all of this, it is in fact, helping me keep two resolutions!

When the month is all said and done, I hope to see improvement in my painting and sketching skills because unlike Napolean Dynamite, my skills aren’t “mad” yet and do not have any sweet bowstaff or nunchuck skills to fall back on.  🙂

Anyway, I decided to do a little still life painting for today’s project.  I know, I mentioned earlier, I do not do still life paintings, well, I make some exceptions depending on the subject matter.  While stoking the fire, I saw my hub’s little red lantern and liked the look of it.  It is what my son would say, “old timey” looking so, I thought it might be fun to paint.  Throw in my spurs and there ya go, a small western still life. 

I would’ve loved to play with the glass reflections a bit more but by late last night, I had to say it was done.  However, this might make a nice piece to add to a larger still life one of these days.  I don’t normally like to paint the same subject multiple times unless I can change it up somehow…like put it in a different position or add items to the display.  I’m thinking this would be a neat little painting down the road with some boots, a lariat, or maybe next to a saddle…..amazing how these little paintings can spur other ideas.

lantern & spurs

lantern & spurs


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