Feb 8, 2010 – Painting a day project

Festus, aka "Donkey"

Festus-the long-eared "steed"

I really wasn’t in the mood to paint today….but, forced myselft to go stand in front of my easel.  I stood there for a bit trying to think of something to paint.  I came up with ideas but talked myself out of each one of them for some reason or another….I’m just not feeling it today.  I walked back upstairs and left the canvas for awhile.  Eventually, I retrieved my little canvas, sat on the couch and just stared at it for awhile.  Finally, I thought of something that put a smile on my face.  A little long eared friend I had named Festus.  Festus was a little paint mule, maybe 11 hands high.  He really had an entertaining personality.  He was known to let himself through gates, evade being caught, and hiccup instead of bray.  He looked as though he had black eyeliner around his eyes and brownish gray, patches all over.  When his mane grew out, it stood straight up and was somewhat striped like a zebra.  My dad always referred to him as “Donkey” as in the Shrek movies.  Like Donkey, Festus carried himself and acted as though he was a mighty steed. 

To catch him, you couldn’t show him a halter or a lead rope.  You had to sneak up to him and put your arms around him as if to hug him and then pull a lead rope or halter out of your back pocket or under your arm and slip it around him.  One day, my daughter decided she wanted to take him to the 4-H practice arena along with her other ride.  We were loading up to go and she went to catch him and unfortunately, he was wise to what was going on so, she ended up chasing him around the lot for awhile.  Finally, I was ready to go and asked what was taking her so long.  She explained that she couldn’t catch him so, I proceeded to tell her how it was done.  She informed me that that was exactly what she’d done.  So, I proceeded to tell her, “here, watch me”.  …..yep, famous last words.  The episode ended in me “bear hugging” him and running along side him around the barn lot until I lost my footing, then I was basically being somewhat drug around the lot before I finally let go, stomped out of the lot, and told my daughter to get in the truck, we were leaving.  Yep, Festus evaded us that day.  Round 1- Festus, the girls – 0.  Looking back, I have to laugh every time I think about the day Donkey showed me who was boss.

Sadly, we lost Festus to Pnuemonia a few years ago.  I miss that little guy, even though, he could be a little ornery at times…..he kept the barn lot entertaining!  Today’s painting is of our furry, long-eared, mighty, little steed.


One Response to “Feb 8, 2010 – Painting a day project”

  1. Peggy Bryant Says:

    Great painting. Loved the story

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