Feb 10, 2010 – Painting a Day Project

Blinder buttons

Blinder buttons

I am forever fascinated by horse’s eyes.  I know I’ve mentioned that in a earlier post, bear with me….I’m also very fascinated by horse tack.  Maybe it is the the creative being in me that loves to see how an equine owner puts their own “stamp” or trademark on their tack.  I love to see how they make it their own, whether it be button, snaps, a certain color of saddle blanket or  lead rope and halter.  Sometimes it can be as elaborate as adding their last name to a piece of harness in buttons or a brand to a saddle.  I’m always hearing from people who appreciate my artwork, how they supposedly have no artistic bone in their body or are not creative at all.  I do not truly believe that.  I think everyone has some creativity in them….maybe they just call it individualism.  Maybe it is as little as using your favorite color in some of your tack or buying a harness with decorative buttons, or maybe having a speciality item made…..you’re still making it your own and expressing your creativity.


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