Feb 14, 2010 – “Painting A Day Project”


In honor of Valentine’s Day, I decided to come up with something that included some sort of symbolism for the holiday.  However, I did have to figure out a way to include my favorite subject matter as well…..this is what I came up with, a bay draft horse I “met” at one of the many draft horse pulls I’ve attended.  The horse had a very plain harness on so, I decided to bling it out a bit!  I guess I was falling back to my old high school days a bit…..find a way to take a somewhat generic theme and incorporate an equine in it….fun!  I was actually inspired by looking at some old parade photos of my grandpa and grandma with their team and wagon, headed down the street.  At one time my grandpa had a pretty little team of bays and this really cool, blinged out harness.  It was very fancy for him….at least I thought so.  As far as I could remember, grandpa always had more “using” tack, nothing elaborate or showy.  When he put this harness on this team of bays, hitched them to the wagon that my mom, brother, sister and I had re-painted for him, and him dressed in brand new bibs, a red plaid shirt, and his straw hat….I was in awe!  The harness had heart-shaped leather dangles on the sides and hanging from the breast straps in the front.  The dangles had buttons forming a heart on them as well.  There were a lot of buttons all over this harness but those dangles were my favorite parts. 

I did not paint grandpa’s team in the picture but decided to put a little touch of his harness in it.  Happy Valentine’s Day!

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