Feb 18, 2010 – Painting A Day Project

Long Live Cowboys

Long Live Cowboys

Long Live Cowboys!!  ….and cowgirls!

Wow, today was a crazy day and I didn’t get my daily painting done so, that means I’m going to have to play catch up this weekend.  We had tickets to see George!!  It was a very late night or very early morning, however you want to look at it.  The concert was awesome!  We missed part of LeeAnn Womack’s set because we were having such a good time at dinner and we still had to get in line for concert shirts.  Reba put on a an excellent performance.  We all decided that we’d love to go ridin’ with her some time.  I think she’d be a lot of fun on some of the trail rides.  Melissa Peterman from the Singing Bee joined her on stage….too funny….that girl is a nut and Reba played her part well!  Reba ended her set with “Fancy”….it was great, she came out in an old taxi, similar to the one in her video….very cool.  Of coarse, the final act was the man himself, George!  He sounded as great as ever and played all my favorites!  He ended the set with “The Cowboy Rides Away”.  They showed the video on the big screens while he sang “Troubador”….very cool.  What a great “girl’s night”!!!

In honor of George, I’ve decided to do a couple of cowboy themed paintings the next couple of days…..Who knows, maybe George himself will make an appearance in one of my daily paintings…..???…..


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