Feb 20, 2010 – Painting A Day Project

Feeling a bit tired…..been a long week and the last couple of days and nights have sorta run together, but, woo hoo, what a ride!!  As mentioned before, the concert was awesome!  Last night, I also had some “me” time.  I indulged in one of my other passions….scrapbooking.  I scrapped until midnight and surprisingly didn’t fall asleep and got quite a bit done!  ‘boy am I tired though!  Today’s painting was inspired by my lack of sleep….I wanted something peaceful, simple, yet not plain.  I decided to do a sunset I saw awhile back….besides, sleep comes after the sun sets right???!!??  This was a really quick rendition and really doesn’t do the original sunset justice but thought it’d be fun to try.  Besides, who can top God’s artwork anyway?

End of the day

End of the day

I really would like to stop the world for just a couple of days and hop off to rest……although, since that’s not possible, that brings to mind another of my favorite sayings….”I’ll sleep when I’m dead”.  That may sound morbid to some but, I think it just means live life to the fullest and enjoy it!  So….I think I’ll start brainstorming for tomorrow’s painting……or scrapbook some more, or maybe watch a movie 😉


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