Feb 21, 2010 – Painting A Day Project




Today’s painting is of our great dane, Pepper.  She has such a dominating personality.  If you are near her, you will pay attention to her and you will pet her.  She leans on you, as most danes do and if your hand is not on you, she will put her nose under your arm and flip it up so that she is under your arm/hand.  My daughter has taught her the annoying trick of coming up behind you and sticking her head between your legs and trying to walk through.  Well, my daughter thought that was a cool trick…..I suppose it is, as long as you’re taller than 5′ 3″!!  We’ve raised Pepper from a puppy and this year she will be 9 years old….getting up there for a great dane.

Pepper loves to ride in the back of the truck or on a trailer when hauling wood.  She can no longer jump up in the back of the truck so, she’ll put her front feet up in the back of the truck and then you have to come along and lift her back end up in….no easy feet, lifting 120 lbs of dog!  This painting is a close up of her laying in the back of my son’s truck.  It was rather an ironic picture, his truck bed-liner said, “body-guard” and there was Pepper, laying there underneath the words….hanging out, waiting for her next ride.


4 Responses to “Feb 21, 2010 – Painting A Day Project”

  1. therese wehmeyer Says:

    They were showing the largest dog on the news this morning a 240 lb

  2. therese wehmeyer Says:

    Didn’t finish my thought. 240lb version of Baby. it stood over 3ft on

  3. Theresa McKinney Says:

    I love this one. Pepper looks so pathetic. Poor dog, probably doesn’t get any lovin’.

  4. veronicabrownart Says:

    Ha ha….yeah right…. You’re probably looking at one of the world’s most spoiled dogs!

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