Feb 23, 2010 – Painting A Day Project

Young White Tail

Nubby, White-tailed buck

Going in, I had no idea what to paint today.  I was just not feeling all that inspired today.  It is still the beginning of the week, I’m tired, stressed, and just feel blah.  I started to paint another horse’s eye….a grey Percheron…and my daughter took one look and said, “don’t do another horse’s eye”.  Ok, ok, maybe I’ve over-done that subject this month.  hmmm, what to paint???  I haven’t had that problem yet this month.  So far, the problem has been too many ideas and having trouble deciding which to pursue that day.  So, I sat down and flipped through some of my reference photos.  I came across some more photos of Rocky Mountain National Park and some mule deer we saw there during our first trip.  I remembered hiking Deer Mountain and seeing mulies all over.  I remembered “freezing” when they’d stop eating to look at us, once they’d go back to eating, we’d start walking again.  This way, we didn’t spook them, got their curiosity peaked, and got some great photos in the process.  Well, those pictures led to some white-tail pictures that I’d taken last year, after the white-tails had lost their racks and just before they started to grow back.  The bucks had little, dark grey, nubs.  Hmm, how often do you see paintings of white-tails in velvet?  Probably not very often.  Better yet, how often do you see paintings with white-tails with velvet nubs??  Probably even less, if ever.  So, that’s what I decided to paint tonight…a young buck with velvet nubs…. not a very good title, is it?  🙂

Funny how the creative process works…..RMNP photos led to nubby, white-tailed bucks….  say that one 10 times fast 😉  OK, I’m getting slap-happy…it’s late…. hope you enjoy the painting.  Can you see the nubs??


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