Feb 24, 2010 – Painting A Day Project

Cool drink of water

Cool drink of water

Cool drink of water.

While thumbing through some of my reference material, I came across a photo of a couple of horses drinking out of a stock tank.  The first thing that caught my eye, was the light reflecting off the water and the ripples made by the horse’s muzzle.  The photo was of the full body of the horses and the water and nose was a very minimal part but, it still spoke to me.  I loved the blues and light (however small) in the photo.  Blue is my favorite color and horses are among my favorite critters so, what a cool way to combine the two!  I decided to zoom in on the one horse’s nose and focus more on the ripples and reflection of the water.  My hub…aka..my art critic #2, thought it was a bit hard to distinguish what he was looking at, at first.  I’ll let you take a look and see what you think.  I think this little canvas made a great “study” and plan to do this bigger and with more of the horse’s head sometime in the future.  I normally do not like to do little “Studies” but this one has me “juiced”….I think it’d be a lot of fun to play in the water some more!!


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