Feb 26, 2010 – Painting A Day Project

Emerald Lake

Emerald Lake

Emerald Lake, 10,080 feet elevation. 

Today’s painting is of another one of my favorite locations in Rocky Mountain National Park, Emerald Lake.  The hike to Emerald Lake is beautiful.  To get there you pass 3 different lakes and some amazing scenery.  You start at Bear Lake, hike past Nymph Lake (named for the lilies that grow on/around it), on up through an aspen lined trail with some great over-looks of Nymph lake and other mountain peaks.  Continue on along a small runoff creek, to Dream Lake, on around Dream Lake and on up to Emerald. 

Once at Emerald Lake, there’s some huge boulders to rest on while having lunch or just relaxing and enjoying the scenery.  There was also a large pine whose roots sorta made the sides of an arm chair.  You could nestle in the arm chair, kick back, and nap to the sounds of the wind through the trees and the smells of the pine, lake water, and mountain air.  Talk about relaxing!!  I don’t think even the best Masseuse couldn’t do for me what a nap there can.  Maybe I got a little too relaxed while there because on the hike back down, I sprained my ankle….twice!  The second sprain was a doozey!  I stopped for a bit and tried to shake it off because I really didn’t want to give my hub the pleasure of dragging me back down the mountain J  ha ha.  In the next few hours, my ankle and foot turned various shades of pink, purple, and green.  I soon had a cankle—where the calf of your leg goes right into the foot….no sign of an ankle.  The next day we were to go out and hike some marshes on the other side of the park to try and photograph some moose.  I decided the little incident was not going to stop us, so, I bit my lip, pulled on my Ariat lace-ups, cinched them up as tight as I could and off we went.  I will admit, it slowed me down a bit and navigating the marshes was interesting.  My hub pointed out that if needed, I couldn’t run so, if we were confronted by a moose, all he had to do was outrun me!  ….now that’s true love 😉


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