Feb 27, 2010 – Painting A Day Project



The Badlands.

On 2008 a road trip to northwestern Montana, we decided to make the most of the drive and have various stops along the way to see the country.  One such stop was Badlands National Park.  After an all night drive, through a heck of a rainstorm, we arrived at the crack of dawn in the Badlands.  What a peculiar place.  These odd rock formations, amazing colors, and dry ground in the middle of prairies.  We had several areas of the park all to ourselves since were were there so early.  We decided to get out and explore.  The weather was a bit on the cool side and windy because of the recent rain…so, it was a great morning for some hiking.  Unfortunately, my boots were buried under our luggage in the back and all I had on were flip-flops because they were comfortable to drive in.  Can you imagine hiking and continuously seeing “Beware Rattlesnakes”….while wearing only flip-flops??  Needless to say, I did get behind on our hike because I was walking slowly, looking all around, hoping to see a snake before being right on top of one.  Of course, my hub was no help because his reasoning was that, “it’ll all be ok because the snakes would be lethargic because of the recent rain and cool weather.”  Yeah right!!  Imagine my surprise when I spotted my first rattler curled up under some grass.  I think my heart stopped briefly while I gathered my whits….then the photographer took over in me and I was worried about getting some great shots and documenting my first wild rattler.  I did use my 100mm to 400mm lens….hey, I’m adventurous but not totally crazy…and took several shots and then had to catch up to the hub and inform him that he walked right past this guy.  I took him back to take a look and then we went on our way. 

Someday I’d like to go back to the Badlands for some more hiking and adventure but I can guarantee you….I will dig out my boots!


2 Responses to “Feb 27, 2010 – Painting A Day Project”

  1. Theresa McKinney Says:

    Just went through all the updates. I don’t know where you get the time. My body requires more than 2 hours sleep a night.

  2. veronicabrownart Says:

    Wellllll…..this is one of the things I do when I get stressed…. 🙂 …paint and eat…well, I actually lost a pound last week but I do have 28 days worth of paintings what does that say about me 😉

    ‘glad you enjoyed the process and supported me by checking them out!
    Thanks–my marketing guru….someday I’ll have to put you on the payroll! 😉

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