Feb 28, 2010 – Painting A Day Project

Draft bridle detail

Draft bridle detail

Draft bridle detail. 

I decided to go back to my equine roots for the final “Painting a day” painting.  Today’s painting is of a blonde Belgian and part of his bridle.  Again, my fascination for tack is showing.  This team had a simple harness, yet, it had subtle details that made it more than just a “work harness”.  It had a bunch of buttons about the bridle and on the blinders.  Finally, it had this neat little leather piece that ran down the horse’s forehead and then two leather strips that crossed underneath this strip.  I knew I wanted to paint these horses and their tack at some point, I just wasn’t sure how I wanted to portray them.  They were a huge team and not exactly perfectly matched.  One of them was more of a sorrel and the other more of the buttermilk color.  I’m not sure they were pure Belgians…they were pretty large for Belgians.  I felt there were a couple of different things I could say about them in painting them.  I could show their power, strength, and sheer size or I could talk of their tack.  I felt that one of these small paintings was an ideal spot to speak more of their tack.  These little paintings seem to be ideal for loosely painted little studies or zoomed in, detail paintings.  I decided to go for the detail today.  That’s what I truly enjoy….you know, being the self-proclaimed piddler that I am!  🙂


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