When an artist can’t sleep….

Saturday morning, I could not sleep.  Maybe I was a bit excited to see the Painting A Day display.  Maybe it was that I was looking forward to spending a day with “the girls” and having lunch with some close friends.  Andy maybe part of the problem is that I’m naturally an early morning riser anyway….That doesn’t mean I’m getting old, right?  I remember watching my grandpa get up in the wee hours of the morning to feed the hogs and cows.  He’d be done before breakfast…..as kids, we couldn’t believe he was out the door so early….we also couldn’t believe how early his lights were out of an evening.  It seemed he rose and fell with the sun.  we always chalked that up as an age thing.  I mean, isn’t that what people do after retirement?  🙂  ha ha.  I did turn another year older this weekend but that can’t have anything to do with it! 

Anyway, what am I saying??….I really don’t sleep much….regardless of my age.  It seems like my mind never shuts off.  I especially have a problem with it when I’m not getting enough time to release my creativity or I’m really involved in a new painting.  I literally wake up with ideas for a painting or layouts for a scrapbook page….anything.  I’ve read about artists, musicians, and authors who’ve kept notebooks and sketch pads on a nightstand just for times when they wake up with an idea.  Me….I just get out of bed and start working on that idea.  I think if I were to sketch or jot down the idea, I still wouldn’t be able to go back to sleep…I would lie there thinking more and more about how to incorporate the idea, color choices, media, canvas size, you name it.

I’ve found that I am naturally more creative in the early morning hours anyway.  The paint tends to flow much more easily in the wee hours of the morning…maybe it is because that is when my mind is the clearest, free from all of the necessities of life…”Did I pay that bill?  How can I work the new soccer schedule into my schedule?  When can we visit that college?  Ugh…work…”  Regardless, that is my ideal time to paint so, I’ve quit fighting it and when I wake up to a painting idea….I no longer try to push it out, I usually just get out of bed and try to fit a couple of hours in, in front of the easel.

Anyway, Saturday, was just such a day….I woke up with yet another horse eye painting in mind.  I’ve never really painted a gray horse, let alone, a flea bitten gray horse (flea bit just means they have little flecks of other colors sorta peppered over their otherwise gray/white coat).  I had a Percheron in mind and knew I wanted to paint him.  I crawled out of bed around 4:30 and began sketching ideas.  In about an hour and a half, I had a new little 6″x6″ painting which is now on display at the Framin’ Place in Chesterfield…filling a gap left by a sold painting.  I will be painting a few others to fill the void of other sold paintings as well, stay tuned for those.  This past weekend was pretty successful for all artists involved….what a great weekend!

The Gray

The Gray


One Response to “When an artist can’t sleep….”

  1. Gina Says:

    I love this one, one of my favorite of all your eye’s, the grey’s are my favorite color on a horse. Reminds me of Clint Eastwoods western’s he always rode a grey….. love it !!

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