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Illustrated Chrome

Illustrator Class project

I have gone back to school this fall!  I’m currently taking Intro to Multi-media and Graphic Design as well as Illustrator I at our local, community college.  I will definitely admit, it has been a bit stressful keeping up with everything but some of the stress involved has turned out to be a “good” kind of stress!  Yes, I do believe there is such a thing as “good” stress.  I truly think this is just what I needed.  I will say it has somewhat given me a creative jumpstart!  I have started painting again….after a rather lengthy hiatus.  I just finished a commission a couple of weeks ago (will post that a bit later) and have started sketching out my next painting idea as well as a new commission.  I have also started a new photography project called 365 Project.  Check it out at  ….I will post about that a little later as well…..  Anyway, back to the original topic… attached is a photo of my latest endeavor in Adobe Illustrator.  The assignment was to recreate a metallic/chrome object with illustrator…make it look like the metal you are portraying….get the highlights and reflections….layer by layer/piece by piece…then add that object to a CD Cover.  Create a band name and album name then put everything together for a visual concept to critique with the class.  The object I chose was a chrome hood ornament from some old car.  It was amazing the amount of time it took to create this but, I’m particularly proud of it….hence my post 😉  I will say I also have a new found respect for graphic designers and illustrators J  I am amazed at how time flies in front of a computer, doing image editing or, in this case, graphic design. 

Funny how the creative mind works….some things can spur it into working and cause a landslide of ideas and yet other things that you’d think would help initiate creativity just don’t.  I’ve said many times that I have to be in the “mood” to paint.  Well, that “mood” has been absent lately and I just did not have the initiation to try and find that mood….  I know, shame on me.  Well, this project was very labor intensive and stressful at times, however, I have to admit the process has gotten me jazzed about other new and upcoming projects…gotten my mind thinking on the creative level again….the mood has found me instead!  I was not expecting this….I mean, after all….when you got right down to it….this was homework.  Homework isn’t supposed to be “fun”, right??  🙂  ….at least that’s what my children, nieces, and nephews tell me J  I think last night’s class critique session also helped with that.  I have to admit, I don’t always look forward to those sessions but I think they’re very necessary.  It just so happened, last night’s critique was a definite positive.  I received positives overall and was joking told everyone in class hated me now…thanks everyone! 😛  ….I can’t help but think, “Would I still feel as jazzed and creative if the critique wasn’t as positive and there were things that I lacked and suggestions for change?”  I hope I would….even though suggestions and criticism aren’t always easy to take.

Anyway, what do you think??  Does it look chrome??


One Response to “Illustrator I”

  1. Marsha Campbell Says:

    Very neat! It does look chrome. I thought that it was a photograph before you said otherwise. Sometimes I think some classes would be fun, but I don’t know how I could handle adding more to my already busy life. I’m glad that you are enjoying your new avenue. : )

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