Feb 2, 2012 A Painting A Day, Day 2

Rock PileDay 2 Painting—Feb 2, 2012

For the past 3 years, my husband and I have made an annual trip to Rocky Mountain National Park.  We both fell in love with the mountains and with that park specifically—after the first time we were there.  We typically go during the fall and pitch a tent and camp, hike, photograph, relax–just enjoy ourselves.  After a total of 4 different trips out there, we still feel like we’ve only experienced a small part of the park and still have several day hikes as well as a few overnight hikes that we’d like to do.  We’re still amazed at the sights and experiences we have there.  This year, we watched a coyote hunt for over an hour in one of the meadows…..we had front row seats and enjoyed watching him jump in the air and pounce.  We awoke in the wee hours of the morning to mule deer eating right outside our tent….we saw shadows (from the moon) on the tent walls and heard chewing noises….I wasn’t sure I wanted to investigate so, I waited until it was a little more light outside and the hub was up…ha ha.

While deciding what to paint, I happened to come across a stack of vacation pics I just got back from the printers.  So much inspiration there and what fun to re-live those days!  So, this painting is based off of a scene at one of the pull offs on Trail Ridge Rd.  I was intrigued by the “stacked” rocks, the amazingly blue sky and the moon—it just topped everything off.


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