Feb. 5, 2012 Murdock–Aka Doc

Murdock aka Doc


Painting a Day Project—Day 5

Murdock….aka Doc

Oh the personality of this guy…..he is so smart—too smart sometimes for his own good!  He is always watching and so curious.  Which is good in a way but can come back to bite you in the backside—literally!

This is the guy that watches me put the water hose in the trough to fill it and then as I leave, he goes and grabs the hose and pulls it out of the trough.  Not sure why….maybe just because he can.  He is always into something.  We had to put a gate up in front of one of the sheds in the pasture that we store farm implements and lumber in because he was pulling boards down off of the shelves.  He is the same guy who watches every move you make around a gate and then after you’ve left, goes and pulls on the gate to make sure you’ve latched it well—if not, he lets him and his friends out.  The same guy who watches when you walk out in the field….as long as you have no rope or halter, he will come to see what you’ve brought him or what you’re doing.  If you have a rope or halter, he will come to see what you’re up to but stay just out of reach.  Whenever he’s ready to be caught (usually not too long after you come out into the field and have already caught the rest of the herd), then you can put your arms around his neck and put a halter on him.  It is like a game to him.  He is the same guy that was caught trying to figure out a way to get into the corn crib and undo the “horse proof” latch—he came close but no cigar!  He is the same guy that gets into the burn barrels and just pulls things out….and who takes my husband’s hat and who nips at the calves when they get stuck in the fence.  He is part Halflinger (light draft) and part Standardbred so, he is somewhat gaited which is very entertaining when he runs.  He slings his feet out to the side like those surrey pulling, racing horses…..and slings rocks and dirt everywhere, really funny to watch, considering he’s built like the Halflingers—round and stocky.  He definitely has personality and definitely keeps things interesting!


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