Feb. 6, 2012 Rocky Mountain Turkeys

Day 6
Painting a Day Project RMNP Turkies

A Painting A Day Project

Rocky Mountain Turkeys

As mentioned before, my husband and I have been to RMNP four times.  Each time, we see new things or have something memorable happen.  We’ve only seen turkeys in the park twice, our very first trip out and then our last trip out.  The first trip out, we saw them on our way up to Bear Lake and couldn’t pull off or turn around.  This last trip, we were actually in pursuit of a nice mule deer buck and a doe we’d been seeing behind one of the ranger cabins close to the Fall River entrance.  We decided to go down to the entrance and turn around and come back because the deer didn’t seem to be about that morning.  We got to the entrance and spotted several turkeys milling around the cabin.  There were about 10 in all and seemed to be young ones.  We lucked out, the lighting was perfect and they didn’t seem to be spooked at all—even when a couple of mule deer came wandering through.  One of the turkeys even tried to hop up in a bush and sort of roost until three magpies came and started hassling it.  It finally hopped down and then ran around frantically because it thought it lost the group…..they were only about 50 yards away.


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