Feb. 12, 2012 Ace

Day 12

Painting a day project-day 12

Day 12

Painting A Day Project


Oh, this little guy has character….and I guess he’s really not “little” any more.  This guy is our “rescue” colt that came to us when he was around 5 months old.  He soon became my mom’s “other man”.  Who knew she secretly had a thing for red heads…..ha ha…  He doesn’t seem to be jumpy about loud noises or new things, he’s very curious, and boy is he full of energy.  He is a typical youngster who likes to run, jump, and play and aggravates the other horse trying to get them to do the same.  He also seems to like to perform tricks.   One evening after dark, my fam sat down to watch a movie together and sorta unwind from the day when my hub heard some banging out by the shed. He went outside to investigate. He figured the horses were stomping or pawing on the shed for whatever reason since they like to stand around the back of it. He walked to the gate and shined a flashlight and didn’t see them but caught a glimpse of them by the shed he stores his implements in….and, Ace seemed awfully tall. So, the hub went walking out to the shed and as he got closer, he saw Ace had loaded himself into the little trailer that he hauls wood in and was teeter-tottering while Doc just stood there and stared. We suspect Doc put him up to it…..kinda like the older brother triple-dog daring the younger brother just to see what would happen but not suffer getting into trouble when they got caught. As my hub got closer, he saw Ace jump out of the side of the trailer and then they both took off. Busted!! Upon further investigation, he saw where they’d busted one of the boards on the tailgate of the trailer, apparently trying to get it off. The tailgate was laying on the ground (it was on the trailer before). He also noticed where one of the boards was busted in the floor of the trailer, apparently one of Ace’s front hooves when through the floor. Luckily, no one was hurt but we’re still scratching our heads as to why and how?? ……never a dull moment at our house and makes us wonder what the “kids” will be up to next!!


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