Feb 15, 2012 Colorado River Grasses

Day 15

Colorado River Grasses

Painting A Day Project

Day 15

“Colorado River Grasses”

Raindrops and melting snowflakes on a high mountaintop form watery rivulets that become small streams on their way down hill.  Where the terrain levels, these streams form a river that flows through a broad valley known as the Kawuneeche.  This almost 1,500 mile long river goes on to earn worldwide renown as the mighty Colorado, sculptor of the Grand Canyon, power source for the giant Hoover Dam.

Here at it’s headwaters, the Colorado River flows freely before being dammed and diverted further downstream on its journey toward the Gulf of California.  (–taken from The Best of The Kawuneeche Valley—A Rocky Mountain National Park Insider’s Guide)

“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks. “ –John Muir







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One Response to “Feb 15, 2012 Colorado River Grasses”

  1. PictureS Says:

    Nice composition and vibrant colours.

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