Feb. 21, 2012 “Chasm Falls”

Day 21

Chasm Falls

Day 21

“Chasm Falls”

“Keep your love of nature, for that is the true way to understand art more and more.” –Vincent Van Gogh

Located on the east side of the park, just off of Old Fall River Road, Fall River creates Chasm Falls which drops approx. 25 feet between two large boulders—a beautiful and peaceful spot.  When Old Fall River Road is open, there is a pull off, just big enough for a couple of vehicles to park, so you can walk down to the falls.  However, if the road is not open, it is still worth the hike up the road to see.  It was in this general area a couple of years ago that the hub and I saw our first black bear in RMNP.  We saw his tracks and scat along the road that morning.  Yes—we can now answer with certainty, that age old question, “Does a bear go in the woods?”  Well, the answer is, “Not always, sometimes they go on the road too!”  We came back that evening and spotted him sitting on the mountain side above the road, watching cars drive in and out of the picnic area (insert Yogi bear and pic-a-nick basket joke here).



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2 Responses to “Feb. 21, 2012 “Chasm Falls””

  1. PictureS Says:

    Nice ‘Cezanne’ colours.

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