Feb. 22, 2012 “Lost in Thought”

Day 22

Lost in Thought

Day 22


“Lost in Thought”


“Did you ever stop to think, and forget to start again?”   ~Winnie the Pooh


Lost in thought–how many times a day do you find yourself doing that?  I’ve had times when I’m so lost in thought that it seems like nothing else is going on around me.  I find that those times happen more often when I’m working through some new, creative idea or process, or working through a particular problem.  Other times, I’m so lost in thought….about nothing at all….I was conscious(at least I think I was) but couldn’t tell you what it was that I was thinking about.  Maybe those are the times Winnie the Pooh is referring to….my brain has forgotten to start again.  Then there are days when I can’t seem to lose myself in thought—even for just a few minutes.  It is on those days, I feel like my mind is operated by a TV remote that happens to be in my hub’s hand while every channel he tunes to, has a commercial on it.  I can’t seem to focus on any one particular thought.  Is that a result of the times we live in?  A mental deficiency (and no, my hub is not allowed to answer that question)?  Or is it that my brain is short circuiting or misfiring?  I wonder if Winnie the Pooh has ever had that problem???


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