Feb 26, 2012 “Clouds and Wildflowers”

Day 26

Clouds and Wildflowers

Painting a Day

Day 26

“Clouds and Wildflowers”

“The flower that follows the sun does so even in cloudy days.”  ~Robert Leighton

A few years ago, I traveled to Montana to take a painting/drawing workshop with an artist whom I greatly admire.  The workshop was to last 4 days, so, I decided to schedule two weeks of vacation and turn the trip into a family road trip/vacation.  What an adventure…..good with the bad.  Amazing views, grumpy kids, stunning wildlife, long periods in a cramped vehicle…and I wouldn’t have traded any of it!

We rented a guard station cabin in the Tally Lakes/Star Meadows area and traveled back and forth each day to class or to Glacier National Park.  That area was absolutely amazing and a few days was not near enough time to explore however, I’m one of those that tries to make the most out of any travel opportunity—I LOVE to travel and see new places!  I probably drive my family crazy because I want to see it all and do it all while there because you never know when or if you’ll get to come back.  I’m that flower following the sun even on cloudy days….well, not sure I’d go that far…ha ha….anyway…..

The last day we were going to be able to spend in Glacier, we decided to get up early and travel the extra distance to enter the park at the St. Mary’s entrance.  We had to travel quite a ways because the Going to the Sun Road was not open yet.  It was the latest that they’d ever opened the road.  They were having trouble keeping it clear and drivable because of late snows and avalanches.  The morning was overcast with low altitude clouds moving across the valleys, obscuring some of our views, however, what we could see of the country we traveled through was absolutely amazing.  I was almost as fascinated by the scenery and the journey to the park as I was the park itself. It was interesting to see the “free range” grazing areas and crossing cattle guards as we got on and off the “highways”….along with the Native American prayer bundles tied in some of the aspen groves along the roads.  All things we definitely do not see at home, things that remind you that you are in the west.  We saw views of snow-capped mountains clothed in clouds with wildflowers starting to bloom in the valleys below, absolutely breathtaking and definitely an area I long to visit again.


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