Nature Photography by Veronica

Photography– Yep…..another passion of mine.  I enjoy outdoor photography and my favorite subject matter tends to fall in one of the following categories; wildlife, western, equine, rural life, rustic, nature, and landscape ….it all gets my creative juices flowing!  There’s just something about getting outside and finding that perfect subject matter and then trying to get the perfect light and perspective—I love it!  One of my favorite quotes; “The secret of great photography is to create great moments from common things.” ~Marty Stouffer.  This quote pretty much sums up my photographic goals.  I want to get people to stop and look at the subject in a different way or to find beauty in the ordinary, to look at something that they may not have the opportunity to get out and see for themselves, study it, and appreciate it’s beauty.  Nature is truly God’s artwork!

I got into photography more as a necessity than a passion at first.  I started oil painting a few years back and found that I was in love!  The more I painted, the more I found the need to capture my own reference material.   I had a good friend who lent me her SLR film camera…..and from that moment I was in love!  I saved for and eventually purchased my first film SLR prior to our first trip to the mountains.  I shot 35 rolls of film and had to develop them over the course of a month or so because I couldn’t afford the processing!  I was amazed at some of the shots as I picked up the packets of photos from the local developer however, I soon realized that I was shooting duplicate shots in the hopes of getting just one I could use….overkill…..all because I lacked knowledge and experience.  Some of the shots weren’t great at all but in spite of that, they still got the creativity flowing and had me dreaming of new paintings that needed to be created.  The passion had been ignited.  The more I painted and used various shots as reference, the more I was striving to get more detail in my shots or to try to capture the lighting correctly so that when I was able to start painting, I had notes…..things to refresh my memory and help my eyes to re-see those moments.

As I developed my photographic skills and moved up in equipment chain, I found that I enjoyed the whole process almost as much as I enjoyed painting.  Learning what it takes to produce a great photo, the hunt for the subject matter, getting the settings correct, getting the sharpness….it was all a thrill to me with a way to see quicker results vs. painting.  It is a way for me to refuel creatively.  Don’t get me wrong, I still LOVE to paint, photography is just another medium from which to express and share.  So, in the effort of sharing, I’ve created a new site for some of my photographs.  I hope you’ll take the time to take a look and if you feel like it, possibly let me know what you think.  Enjoy!


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