Sometimes the little things inspire bigger things.



Oil on Canvas

Sometimes the little things inspire bigger things.

I participated in the Painting a Day project my art club was hosting back in February.   To read more about that, check out this post:

One of the benefits of doing that project is that it encourages regularly painting which is great practice.  Another benefit of painting small canvases on a daily basis is that they can become little studies for bigger paintings at a later date.  They are a quick way to determine what might work on a larger scale or and easy and quick way to work out details so that the larger painting is more apt to be successful in conveying what was in the artist’s mind.  It is much easier to see and correct composition, value, and color on a smaller canvas than it is on a larger one.

This painting was inspired by just that….one of my daily paintings from February.  I loved the little 6”x6” painting so much and had such a fun time playing with the color, lighting, and loose brushwork that I decided I just HAD to paint this painting bigger.  So, a couple of months later, I got my hands on some gallery wrapped 20”x20” canvases and began sketching.  The very next morning, at 4:30AM (thanks to my son not shutting his alarm off in a timely manner), I found myself slinging some paint for a couple of hours before having to proceed with the daily grind.  Oh, how fun to sling paint early in the morning!  Why do I not voluntarily get myself out of bed at this time more often??!!  After all, sleep is overrated, right?  That morning, the creative juices were flowing.  Probably because I was still sorta dreaming instead of fully awake and alert and after all you can do anything in your dreams, right?  Before I knew it, it was time to stop and get ready for the day job.  That’s all I could think about that day….getting back to that painting.  When I finally had a chance to get back to the paint, brushes, and canvas…..the painting practically finished itself.  I normally paint with tighter brush strokes and not quite as bold colors so this was definitely a break from the norm for me.  A break I think I should explore more often.  What do you think?


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