Social Saturday–Let’s get together and paint!

8"x8" study of the painting we will base our class painting from

8″x8″ study of the painting we will base our class painting from

Social Saturday

I posted this a few weeks ago on my Facebook page but some where having trouble finding it so, here’s the scoop……

While the weather is tricky and there’s a bit of a slow-down in some of our schedules, I’d like to plan a “social Saturday” or two at the old church school building.  I will be teaching another oil painting class.  I can teach and provide paint, brushes, and easels for 10, so, I will need an RSVP ASAP to make sure I have everything needed.  I plan to teach a small landscape painting that will be painted on a 12”x12” canvas.  No previous experience needed!  The supplies will be provided, the only expense will be the canvas and paint which will run $10.00.

For those of you who do not want to paint, bring your “fancy works” items up to work on.  You’re welcome to also watch the painting demonstration and check out everyone’s results.  It’s meant to be a fun and creative time!

I will ask everyone to bring a snack or something to share during breaks.  We will take care of the drinks (tea or lemonade and water) and I will have soup and sandwiches or salad for lunch.

The date is set for March 2.  If you’ll be painting, we plan to start by 9AM.  If interested or if you have any questions, please email me at or call me at 573-627-4444.


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2 Responses to “Social Saturday–Let’s get together and paint!”

  1. beverlyannartcando Says:

    Hello, please DELETE my .net email address from your address books and change to Thanks!

    Would love to come (but doubtful if I can swing it at this time.) Directions to Old Church School Building??… Thanks, Beverly Ann

    • veronicabrownart Says:

      I do have 2 spots left if anyone is interested. I “think” I have your email address changed in my blog “followers”….hopefully…. To get to the old church building, from Washington, take HWy 47 to St. Clair, take I-44 to Sullivan. Get off at the second Sullivan Exit, take a left and follow the North Service Rd going West. Take Elmont Rd out of town to a 4 way stop. Continue straight and take Hwy H to Japan. Make a left onto Hwy AE and the building will be on the left. The address is 8244 Hwy AE, Sullivan, MO.

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