Great Art—in fun size!

2.5 inch square painting on canvas

Spring Strut
2.5 inch square painting

Great things can come in small packages!

This is something my children remind me of often…..seeing as how I’m the shortest one in the family and they never let an opportunity pass to crack a “short” joke at my expense…..that’s OK, mom usually gets the last laugh!  Don’t underestimate us “shorties”!

I’ve just started painting regularly again.  Prior to the last couple of weeks, I hadn’t had a huge amount of time to spend painting but I have still felt the need for some creativity…..does that need ever truly go away?  I don’t think so, it just may weaken at times or have to be put on the back burner because of life’s requirements, but, for creative types, the need is always there.  I think that “need” is partially why I’m always attracted to new art supplies, new crafting gadgets, etc.  Because of this attraction, I can spend a ton of time in places like Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, Dick Blick, etc.  I love to just wander around and look at the demo projects, the colors, patterns, the supplies… is like a mini-vaca for my brain!  It was on one of these trips to a supply store, which I happened to force my daughter to tag along to, that I came across some little

mini canvases.  There were a few different sizes but I settled for a package of 3 inch square canvases.  I thought, “How fun will it be to play with these!!”  For some reason my daughter wasn’t as excited about them as I was–but, that’s usually the case…..until she sees the finished product.  Although, I think I do recall her cracking some joke about them being “mini” like me just before she asked if we could go now.  Ah, kids–gotta love ‘em.  I will take this moment to say that my family is very supportive of my art but they do have to get their “digs” in on mom as well.  Anyway, I went home from my little art vaca and did a painting of my daughter’s horse, Dixie on two of the canvases….each with basically the same pose but with a different background and color scheme.  What a fun and quickie way to experiment with color and temperature!

Fast forward a few months to a trip to our local Wal-Mart.  I decided to see if they still carried any art supplies and if so, what they had.  To my excitement, I found a package of two mini canvases with little wooden display easels.  OOOO—joy!  They are so cute and have so many possibilities!!  I bought a package and again, one Saturday, decided to play.  These canvases were smaller than those I’d bought before—they were just 2.5 inches square.  But hey, you can fit a lot of art into a small space—I’m living proof of that!  Ha ha….  Enjoy!

Dixie in Blue 3 inch square oil on canvas

Dixie in Blue
3 inch square
oil on canvas

3" x 3" oil on canvas

Dixie in Green
3″ x 3″ oil on canvas


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2 Responses to “Great Art—in fun size!”

  1. Denise Beckett Says:

    Sooooo cool! I think the turkey is my favorite.

    Oh, and why does the name, “Oompaloompa” come to mind? Hehe.

    ….and I did find one “discrepancy” in your blog. Here’s the correction for ya: did a painting of my daughter’s horse

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