Gunslinger-Value Study–Day 1

Gunslinger--Value study

Gunslinger-value study
Painting A Day 2015

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Feb 1–

Day one of my “painting a day” challenge.  I decided to do a value study today, painted using only two paint colors.  I put several of my old reference photos in an envelope and drew one out…..this is the result.  I decided to add a little twist to this project today by doing the value study since this project is meant to challenge me to not only paint more frequently but to practice and to work on areas that I feel I need improvement.  Value is one area I feel I need to work on.  Value can make or break a painting.  Value can give a painting dimension if done right, or flatten a painting if wrong.  I’ve heard several artists mention that you can get the color wrong but as long as you get the value and temperature right, the painting can still work.

At little about my subject for this painting:  This model was definitely born in the wrong century.  His knowledge of the time period and attention to clothing and prop detail was fantastic and definitely a learning experience for me.  I had the privilege of spending a day with him and a couple of his friends, along with a couple of my artist friends–setting up scenes and gathering reference material for future artwork.  What a day!   It turned out to be rather warm for the first week of May, and yes, I ended up a little sunburnt.  I took two of my horses along to use as props.  Murdoc…aka…Doc, wanted nothing to do with any of it and proceeded to make a real, um, horse’s arse of himself….he was not a fan of the white tent at the encampment.  The horseflies were insane that day, causing me to constantly re-apply spray to the horses…probably adding to Doc’s agitation.  My other horse, Austin, was happy as a peach because he was allowed to eat grass while waiting for his time to shine–sadly, it was a bit to “round” to fit the period calvary saddles…poor guy.  Needless to say, horses were a bit slimmer back then!  On the way home, I blew a tire out on the horse trailer, lucklily I was close to one of my bff’s house and her hub and his brother came to my rescue and got the tire changed for me.  By the time I got home that evening, I was completely worn out, but the material I gathered was priceless!






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2 Responses to “Gunslinger-Value Study–Day 1”

  1. mary davis Says:

    I truly love it

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