Ace–Day 4

7"x5" oil on canvas panel

7″x5″ oil on canvas panel


Ace-value study

Day 4—Painting a day challenge for February

Here is the link to the painting in Daily Paintworks Gallery:–value-study/330498

Continuing with the value studies theme, I decided to get back into my equine subjects. Meet Ace—this guy is quite a personality. A bit ball of muscle and energy wrapped in horse hide. This guy LOVES to run and LOVES to play. He can be just wired one minute and then nonchalantly grazing without a care in the world. He is one of the nosiest, or should I say, most curious horses in our little herd. The problem is, he also seems to be the most accident prone….not always a good combo. There isn’t a whole lot that seems to rattle this guy; gunshots, farm equipment, ATVs, you name it. Ace takes it all in stride, unless he wants it to rattle him. By that, I mean, he took a page from Murdock’s playbook and sometimes uses something odd as an excuse to spook, just because he wants to take a moment to get loose and get squirrely. Did I mention, he also likes to strut his stuff once in a while and show off a bit?

Along with a bit about Ace, I thought it would be fun to post an “in the process” photo. With these value studies, I’m taking a bit of a different approach. Most of my paintings start out with a line drawing, however, with these little studies, I’m starting out with a wet, burnt sienna washed canvas and then proceeding to “carve out” my subject. This process is proving to be A LOT of fun and really refreshing my creativity. I’ve done this process a few times before when doing Plein air studies but, I tended to favor the “line drawing” approach more. That may not be the case any longer after this month!


7"x5" value study in process

7″x5″ value study in process


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