The hunter/trapper hat—value study-Day 6

oil on panel value study

7″x5″ oil on canvas panel

Day 6 of the painting a day project for the month of February. Here’s one of the models from the photo shoot last May, dressed as a hunter/trapper, with a fur hat. I was really drawn to that hat! I believe it was made of coyote fur. It looked so soft and furry and had the subtle color variations that a coyote’s fur has—all the golden tones, rusty reds, and dark browns. A coyote really is a pretty animal if you look at their fur and color patterns. They really are camouflaged very well for hunting in the tall grasses of the plains. This hunter/trapper was clothed in his successes; deerskin leather jacket and pants, leather boots, fur hat with feather trim, leather gun straps and case, and antler and bone buttons and fasteners. I’m guessing, back then, you could tell how successful a hunter/trapper was by the way he dressed…..literally!

Here’s the link to my Daily Paintworks Gallery:


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