Buffalo-Day 10


7″x5″ oil on canvas panel

I am playing “catch up” on my painting a day challenge and the blog posts to go with them.  That is why the last couple of posts just contained the new work along with a favorite quote or saying that I felt sort’ve pertained.  I had the paintings done but hadn’t photographed them yet, and hadn’t even thought about what “words of wisdom” I wanted to impart with them.  I mean, I always have words of wisdom to say, just ask my children.

I finished this painting late last night, partially because of procrastination and partially just lack of energy, lack of creativity, just lack………  After struggling with insomnia for the past couple of days and an all day stress headache that seemed to come and go as it pleased.  I was just not feeling up to par.  I really wasn’t feeling creative AT ALL, but…..I wanted to keep with painting daily and sharing my posts.  It keeps me accountable and keeps me engaged in this challenge I have set for myself.

As I was running out of daytime, I tried giving myself a little pep talk.  I was telling myself, “It’s just a little 5×7 value study.  You can drag yourself to your paint table and do this.  It really doesn’t take *that* long.”  Finally, in a last-ditch effort to get my body moving, I remembered the words of a very special “family” member, that sadly, left this world all too soon.  This lil guy was strong way beyond his 12 years and so, very, grown up.  So, I told myself, as he would say, “Suck it up buttercup”, and that’s what I did.  I got my butt off the couch, grabbed some water and Advil, and went to my paint table.  I sat there for a few minutes trying to decide what it was that I wanted to study, what peaked my interest today…..nothing…..  I don’t want to paint just for the motion….  But I continued on.  I started flipping through more of my reference photos, and I finally came across a photo I had taken on a trip to Lone Elk Park.  With that photo, there was a creative spark.  I continuted to study that photo and a couple others from that same trip and started remembering the day.  My daughter and I had stopped there on our way back from a doctor’s visit, deciding to check out the wildlife.  It was freezing cold that day and very windy, but, at least the sun was shining and we were spending the day together….so, it was all good.  We came upon the parks little herd of buffalo, sunning themselves and eating hay.  Since the park wasn’t too busy, we pulled off the road and just sat watching them.  We had a couple of good chuckles at my daughter’s musings about very random but oddly related observations.  At one point, I started to panic when one of the herd got up to stretch their legs and started to advance towards the car.  All I could picture was the State Farm commercial where the buffalo rams the car and rocks it back and forth.  Needless to say, I don’t think singing the jingle would do us any good.  Luckily, the critter decided to move on up the road and it was all good once again.

Funny, how, I went from not feeling creative, not wanting to paint, and having to give myself a pep talk to go downstairs to taking a trip down memory lane which then, not only put me in a better mood, but also spurred the creativity.  I’m sure the Advil and water was kicking in about then as well but still…..  This little painting practically painted itself.  I had so much fun playing with that hair and the texture.  I started to get energized again and was truly enjoying myself.  I forgot about the aches and pains.  Forgot about the fatigue, and just plain forgot about time.  Thanks for the words of wisdom K. and thanks for the reminder to “suck it up”.  They were very helpful last night and it turned out to be great therapy.

Here is the link to this painting in the Daily Paintworks Gallery, thanks for looking! http://www.dailypaintworks.com/fineart/veronica-brown/buffalo/332184


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