Filling the Canteen–Day 7

Filling the canteen

7″x5″ oil on canvas panel

Water is the driving force of all nature.–Da Vinci

This painting is just a little study/play in me contemplating a larger painting.  Again with the hunter/trapper with the coyote fur hat–fascinated by this model’s clothing-definitely will be seeing more of him in my work!  I thought it would be a cool idea to do another larger painting of him doing something that we would consider so mundane or something we just do out of habit-fill a water bottle.  In today’s world, it’s something we just do….without really thinking about it but to him was very essential.  He couldn’t just stop off on the way and pop into a convenience store or walk up to a vending machine and grab a bottle of water.

I thought I would take an opportunity during my “painting a day” exercise and do a “sketch” if you will to see if the idea would merit a larger painting.  I think I’m still interested in the subject enough that I may do a couple more studies and possibly change-up backdrops to ultimately decide on the larger painting.  Stay tuned!

Her is the link for my Daily Paintworks Gallery, thanks for looking!


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