Ram-Day 25

5"x7" oil on canvas panel

5″x7″ oil on canvas panel

Day 25 of my painting a day project. This is a painting of a bighorn my husband and I saw in Glacier a few years ago. He was a very curious fella. He ended up standing and staring at the reflection of himself on our rental vehicle for quite a while–my hub couldn’t get out of the vehicle.  We were both sweating it, thinking he was going to ram it.  He eventually moved around to the front of the vehicle and then over the side of the mountain to graze.  I definitely got some great reference material!  While this was all going down and I finished laughing about the situation, I handed the hub my camera to snap a few pics.  This guy almost seemed to know what the camera was for and started to “work it”, cocking his head, looking into the camera, etc.  It was pretty humerous watching the two of them….him, curious, and my hub both curious and concerned!

Here’s the link for this painting on the Daily Paintworks Gallery, thanks for looking.  http://www.dailypaintworks.com/fineart/veronica-brown/ram/336888


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