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Lose yourself

June 1, 2015
Shaw Pond

Shaw Pond

Pinetum Lake

Pinetum Lake

“Art washes away from the soul, the dust of everyday life.” – Pablo Picasso

Amen, Pablo—no truer words can be said.

For the artist, the creation of art can be therapeutic, a chance to shake off the day to day grind, the baggage of a fast-paced world with information overload.  The creation of art can give the artist a chance to breathe, a chance to get out and rehabilitate our senses.  I can feel so exhausted after a day of painting and completely refreshed all at the same time.

For the artist and art appreciator alike, art can stir emotion.  Art can take us to another place, time, or memory.  It can make us feel the soft summer breezes, the warmth of the sun, the cold of a snowflake, the chill of a fresh rain, smell the aroma of newly blooming wildflowers, or remember a place or person special to us.  Art can make us lose ourselves, even if just for a moment.

Take some time to lose yourself in some art—trust me!  You don’t have to go to a museum or “artsy fartsy” (as my fam describes it) gallery to lose yourself.  This is THE season for plein air in this area, get out there and watch art as a spectator sport.  Watch as an artist creates their own spin on a scene right before you.  If you can’t attend and watch, go to the show afterwards and see the finished pieces and meet the artist who created it.  Hear some of the stories of the process.  See if you can spot those paintings created during the prime mosquito and gnat hours or those that may have had a mishap and kissed the ground a time or two during creation.  Attend a local fine art/craft demo at some of the historical re-enactment events or grab some great food to munch on while browsing an outdoor art fair.

If public gatherings are not your “thing”—there are great online sites that post all levels of artwork on a daily basis.  Check out  –while you’re there….look me up!

Now, get out there and lose yourself—either as an artist or appreciator!


I’m a work in progress, and so is my art

May 21, 2015


This post itself has been a “work in progress”, behind the scenes of my blog for a while now.

There are these days….these moments….. where I question why I am doing what I’m doing in life and if I’m failing at my purpose.  Why I’m using my a LOT of my spare time trying to be an artist?  Am I failing at being a parent, at being a spouse?  What am I doing, trying to belong in a career as a “techie”?

It’s been a rough week this week.  I have a lot going on in the next couple of months in my home life, work life, and art life and it just all sorta came crashing in on me this week.  It goes without saying, I am STRESSED OUT and without intending to, I snap and end up letting my stress get the best of me and overflow into my mood and my actions.  I turn to my daily devotions and prayer of a morning to try and start the day off right.  I try to wear my inspirational bracelets to remind me throughout the day to; “Just breathe”, “Let go and let God”,  “Have faith and remember I am blessed”, “Good girls rarely make history” ….oh wait, that last one’s a different reminder!  Anyway, reminding thyself that it will all be OK and to just chin up and keep on…..yeah…..all of that is easier said than done……  So, to try and stamp out some of the stress, I’m trying to focus on joy.  I’m trying to make myself take a little extra “me time”.  This means making myself take a few minutes to paint, draw, read, spend time with my newest lil nephew, visit with a friend….things that make me stop and take a deep breathe and that bring me joy.

One of my absolute, favorite movies, “Mom’s night out” is based on these thoughts; being a mom and feeling like you’re failing at everything you do.  A hot mess.  If you haven’t seen the movie, I highly recommend it for both guys and gals.  For the guys out there, it may give you a little insight to the female mind and it’s thought processes.  It may help you to understand why we sometimes freak out about the littlest things and subsequently help you to avoid a meltdown, blowup, or worse; a trip to “the doghouse”.  For the gals out there, it will remind you that you’re enough, sometimes failure is just our perception and no one else’s and above all, that we’re way too hard on ourselves.

Speaking of being way too hard on ourselves, I have a saying that I try to pass on to fellow artists and painting buddies when they’re doubting their work and that I often try to mumble to  myself when I want to toss a painting on the burn pile, “We are our own worst critics.”  I should probably yell it at myself instead of mumble it but then anyone around may thing I’m full blown, straight up crazy instead of thinking I’m just a little off.

This trying to be an artist is a love/hate thing –sometimes what brings you joy can also be a thorn in the side.  I’ve really been trying to paint en Plein air more often because I feel that it will ultimately make me a better artist in general.  Painting from life brings it’s own challenges but it gets the crutches of working from a photograph out of the way.  Something I only realized after painting from life more.  I’ve had some great teachers try to get me to see that point but it just hadn’t sunk in until I experienced it.  Painting from life forces you to really see and make your own decisions on the process of creating the painting.  It is not limiting the view or color range or depth as a photograph does.  Don’t get me wrong, painting from reference material is definitely a must for some work but I feel like the foundation and the knowledge gained from painting from life is still showing through in the studio work.  Some paintings leave me feeling like I am really making progress and then other days, I wonder, “What was I thinking????”  I guess I just have to remind myself that I learn or take something away from each and every painting.  Sometimes it is how to mix that perfect green or finally getting my brush to achieve just the right stroke, or experiencing the way the light hits my subject…..and then again, sometimes what I learn is that I definitely need more practice!

At any rate, it’s all good.  I just need to pour some Velvet Red, sit a spell, and remind myself that I can’t do it all but I am enough.  I am a work in progress and probably always will be….oh, and so is my art.

Great Art—in fun size!

April 16, 2013
2.5 inch square painting on canvas

Spring Strut
2.5 inch square painting

Great things can come in small packages!

This is something my children remind me of often…..seeing as how I’m the shortest one in the family and they never let an opportunity pass to crack a “short” joke at my expense…..that’s OK, mom usually gets the last laugh!  Don’t underestimate us “shorties”!

I’ve just started painting regularly again.  Prior to the last couple of weeks, I hadn’t had a huge amount of time to spend painting but I have still felt the need for some creativity…..does that need ever truly go away?  I don’t think so, it just may weaken at times or have to be put on the back burner because of life’s requirements, but, for creative types, the need is always there.  I think that “need” is partially why I’m always attracted to new art supplies, new crafting gadgets, etc.  Because of this attraction, I can spend a ton of time in places like Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, Dick Blick, etc.  I love to just wander around and look at the demo projects, the colors, patterns, the supplies… is like a mini-vaca for my brain!  It was on one of these trips to a supply store, which I happened to force my daughter to tag along to, that I came across some little

mini canvases.  There were a few different sizes but I settled for a package of 3 inch square canvases.  I thought, “How fun will it be to play with these!!”  For some reason my daughter wasn’t as excited about them as I was–but, that’s usually the case…..until she sees the finished product.  Although, I think I do recall her cracking some joke about them being “mini” like me just before she asked if we could go now.  Ah, kids–gotta love ‘em.  I will take this moment to say that my family is very supportive of my art but they do have to get their “digs” in on mom as well.  Anyway, I went home from my little art vaca and did a painting of my daughter’s horse, Dixie on two of the canvases….each with basically the same pose but with a different background and color scheme.  What a fun and quickie way to experiment with color and temperature!

Fast forward a few months to a trip to our local Wal-Mart.  I decided to see if they still carried any art supplies and if so, what they had.  To my excitement, I found a package of two mini canvases with little wooden display easels.  OOOO—joy!  They are so cute and have so many possibilities!!  I bought a package and again, one Saturday, decided to play.  These canvases were smaller than those I’d bought before—they were just 2.5 inches square.  But hey, you can fit a lot of art into a small space—I’m living proof of that!  Ha ha….  Enjoy!

Dixie in Blue 3 inch square oil on canvas

Dixie in Blue
3 inch square
oil on canvas

3" x 3" oil on canvas

Dixie in Green
3″ x 3″ oil on canvas

Social Saturday–Let’s get together and paint!

February 25, 2013
8"x8" study of the painting we will base our class painting from

8″x8″ study of the painting we will base our class painting from

Social Saturday

I posted this a few weeks ago on my Facebook page but some where having trouble finding it so, here’s the scoop……

While the weather is tricky and there’s a bit of a slow-down in some of our schedules, I’d like to plan a “social Saturday” or two at the old church school building.  I will be teaching another oil painting class.  I can teach and provide paint, brushes, and easels for 10, so, I will need an RSVP ASAP to make sure I have everything needed.  I plan to teach a small landscape painting that will be painted on a 12”x12” canvas.  No previous experience needed!  The supplies will be provided, the only expense will be the canvas and paint which will run $10.00.

For those of you who do not want to paint, bring your “fancy works” items up to work on.  You’re welcome to also watch the painting demonstration and check out everyone’s results.  It’s meant to be a fun and creative time!

I will ask everyone to bring a snack or something to share during breaks.  We will take care of the drinks (tea or lemonade and water) and I will have soup and sandwiches or salad for lunch.

The date is set for March 2.  If you’ll be painting, we plan to start by 9AM.  If interested or if you have any questions, please email me at or call me at 573-627-4444.

Nature Photography by Veronica

May 21, 2012

Photography– Yep…..another passion of mine.  I enjoy outdoor photography and my favorite subject matter tends to fall in one of the following categories; wildlife, western, equine, rural life, rustic, nature, and landscape ….it all gets my creative juices flowing!  There’s just something about getting outside and finding that perfect subject matter and then trying to get the perfect light and perspective—I love it!  One of my favorite quotes; “The secret of great photography is to create great moments from common things.” ~Marty Stouffer.  This quote pretty much sums up my photographic goals.  I want to get people to stop and look at the subject in a different way or to find beauty in the ordinary, to look at something that they may not have the opportunity to get out and see for themselves, study it, and appreciate it’s beauty.  Nature is truly God’s artwork!

I got into photography more as a necessity than a passion at first.  I started oil painting a few years back and found that I was in love!  The more I painted, the more I found the need to capture my own reference material.   I had a good friend who lent me her SLR film camera…..and from that moment I was in love!  I saved for and eventually purchased my first film SLR prior to our first trip to the mountains.  I shot 35 rolls of film and had to develop them over the course of a month or so because I couldn’t afford the processing!  I was amazed at some of the shots as I picked up the packets of photos from the local developer however, I soon realized that I was shooting duplicate shots in the hopes of getting just one I could use….overkill…..all because I lacked knowledge and experience.  Some of the shots weren’t great at all but in spite of that, they still got the creativity flowing and had me dreaming of new paintings that needed to be created.  The passion had been ignited.  The more I painted and used various shots as reference, the more I was striving to get more detail in my shots or to try to capture the lighting correctly so that when I was able to start painting, I had notes…..things to refresh my memory and help my eyes to re-see those moments.

As I developed my photographic skills and moved up in equipment chain, I found that I enjoyed the whole process almost as much as I enjoyed painting.  Learning what it takes to produce a great photo, the hunt for the subject matter, getting the settings correct, getting the sharpness….it was all a thrill to me with a way to see quicker results vs. painting.  It is a way for me to refuel creatively.  Don’t get me wrong, I still LOVE to paint, photography is just another medium from which to express and share.  So, in the effort of sharing, I’ve created a new site for some of my photographs.  I hope you’ll take the time to take a look and if you feel like it, possibly let me know what you think.  Enjoy!

A painting finds a new home

January 19, 2012
The Black Draft

The girls taking the painting to meet it's new owner.

I’m way behind in my posts…..

I’ve been meaning to write this post since October..…..well, I got caught up in a camping trip in Colorado, soccer game in Kansas, whitetail deer season , Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s….and then here we are……  I still ask myself, “Where did the time go?” as if none of the above factor into my time consumption.

Once again, I attended and demonstrated at the Annual Horse, Mule, and Oxen Historic Farming Days.  I love this event!  I meet a lot of great people who appreciate my subject matter, get a lot of new material to work from, and manage to sell a bit of artwork—always a plus!  This year was a little different in that instead of selling prints, cards and small works, I found a new home for one of my original paintings.  It was such an awesome story and the new owner literally had tears when telling me the story…I had to share.

It so happens that the new owner of the painting, Hope and her husband, along with their daughter are very active in draft horse events.  Her daughter recently bought her own Clydesdale filly at auction.  They truly love the drafts and enjoy doing demonstrations and helping people enjoy these “gentle giants”.  As I was talking with Hope, I found that their daughter’s friend, who I’m going to call “Jane”, usually accompanies them while attending these “horse” events.  Hope’s daughter and Jane exercise the horses, feed and water them, groom them, and entertain visitors.  I might add that these girls are just teens!  It seems Jane couldn’t have horses of her own so, Hope sort of adopted her into the family when it came to doing anything “horsey”.  Sometimes this meant traveling hundreds of miles and being gone all weekend.

Each year, I try to paint one of the animals owned by one of the exhibitors from the prior year’s show.  I typically start the painting while at the event as part of my painting demonstration.  The year before, I had started painting a proud, black, Percheron gelding.  Hope’s daughter and Jane had spotted the painting and told Hope about it.  They all came up and watched as I painted and came back several times to check the progress.  At the time, I had no idea that Hope and her daughter were the owners of the beautiful horse I was painting.

Skip ahead a year, I brought the finished, framed painting back to the show.  Hope came to see the painting and told me she loved it because I had truly captured her horse’s personality in the pose and the look in his eye.  She said she had fell in love with it when I started painting it (I typically paint the eye as one of the first things on the painting) the year prior but she didn’t say anything because she just couldn’t afford to purchase it.  She mentioned that she really couldn’t afford it this year but that she’d talk to her husband.  In the meantime, Hope’s daughter and Jane were escorting Jane’s parents around the event, showing them various things that interested the girls.  It seems this was this was the first time that Jane’s parents were able to attend the event.  The girls brought the parents up to my space and immediately showed them the painting and talked about how Hope loved the painting.  Jane’s mom came to me and asked a couple of questions about the painting and then told me she’d like to purchase it.  My mind instantly went to Hope and how upset she was probably going to be.  As I was putting protective corners on the painting, Jane’s mom started telling me how often Hope took her daughter under her wing, allowing her to spend so much time with them and giving her the chance to learn about, help with, and ride her horses……never asking for or accepting anything in return.  She proceeded to tell me this purchase was for Hope as a “Thank you”.  The girls walked up beside me, smiling from ear to ear……they couldn’t wait to give the painting to Hope.  I asked if they wanted me to wrap it so they could give it to her later.  They both laughed and said they were giving it to her right away, they couldn’t wait.  What an amazing sign of gratitude!!  I knew Hope would cherish this painting for life.

As the event ended that weekend, Hope came to tell me how much she loved the painting and that she already had it hanging at home.  Tears started running down her cheeks as she told me how shocked she was that Jane’s family had done this for her.  She said they walked up and showed her the new painting they’d bought and as soon as she saw it, she was somewhat crushed because it was “her” painting.  She said kept that in and tried to show how excited she was for them…..that is when they asked her if she wanted to know the best part.  She figured they were going to tell her where they were hanging it or something but instead, told her the best part was that the painting was for her, for all that she had done.  She said she instantly started crying.  She never expected anything in return and felt that Jane’s appreciation and joy over getting to spend time with them and their horses was enough of a gift.  How could she not allow Jane to have the opportunity to enjoy something that she and her daughter enjoyed so much?

As Hope shared this with me, I couldn’t help but think that my painting had found the best possible home and that this is why I do what I do!

Why I do what I do….

August 15, 2011

Just when I think that I’m not really doing anything with my art, feel like I’m sort of wasting a gift and just plain feel like I’m in a rut, I’m sent a little reminder that I do make a difference, even if it is in a small way.  God has such a subtle way of reminding
us of our blessings sometimes, it’s truly amazing.

I’ve been meaning to share this latest example for a couple
of months but it seems those months have been somewhat of a whirlwind of summer
activities, kids coming home and leaving again for college, helping out with fundraisers,
reunions, etc.  I just haven’t taken the time to sit down and write…until today, when I was sent another reminder that I needed to share this story.

Anyway, back to fundraisers….that’s where my latest example sprung up from.    I donated a couple of items to a fundraiser because I thought the cause was a great idea and was touched by what it was trying to accomplish.  Let’s just say, the results were many fold.  The fundraiser was a success, the recipients of the fundraising efforts did great things, the recipients of the donated artwork loved them (which always makes an
artist feel appreciated), and I received a much needed reminder.  One artwork recipient in particular was so touched by their winnings that they took the time to sit down and write me an email telling me just how much and what it meant to her.  An email that brought tears to my eyes as I
read it and made me stop and realize that this “rut” I thought I was in, was just me coming up with excuses.  It made me also stop and remember “why I do what I do” so to speak.  Sure, it’d be a dream come true to be able to “create” for a living and to be able to do what I love every day and enjoy some of the perks that come with “making a name in the art world”, however, right now, I’m pretty content with the idea that I’m able to use a “hobby” that I enjoy to also bring some enjoyment to others.

With this person’s permission, I’m going to share parts of that email with the hopes that it makes others stop and remind themselves that
we all have gifts and it is up to us to find a way to use them to make a difference.  I also hope it reminds us that something we think is trivial and that maybe we took for granted may just be the one thing needed to make a difference in someone else’s day….week…month….year…..or life…..

To give you a little preface, one of the items I commonly donate to local fundraisers is a shadowbox-framed turkey feather with a
painting on it.  With all of the outdoorsmen and women in the area, they’ve become pretty popular.  This was the item “Jane” won.  Jane had been having a very stressful time at work, to the point she was ready to quit because she felt she was to her breaking point.  She was driving home from work, trying to clear her head and all of a sudden she started thinking about “feathers from heaven”.  There is a reason that “feathers
from heaven” had meaning to her.  Several years ago, she’d lost her young daughter and during those last several years since, including the night she died in the hospital, Jane had been finding feathers in odd places.  These feathers turned out to be constant reminders of her daughter.
The night her daughter had passed away, someone made the comment to her that her daughter was, “going to be ok because she is ornery enough to keep the angels busy.  She was probably up in heaven plucking the feathers from the angel’s wings.”  Jane said, “That night completely defeated I was walking to the truck in a daze, got to my door and looked down.  There was a huge turkey feather (which I
still carry in my truck).  I picked it up and made the correlation to her sending me an angel feather.  Odd I know but oddly comforting also.”  That same night, a friend of Jane’s was driving home from the hospital and broke down along the side of the highway.  Jane stopped to help and when
she opened her door, right there at her feet was another feather.  Over the next few months Jane found feathers everywhere, some in really odd places like, sitting on her mail box, stuck by the dew on her screen door, and on her vehicle.  Logically Jane kept telling herself that birds shed their feathers and the wind will carry them for miles, but in the back of her mind she hoped it was her daughter reminding her that everything will be ok and that she is good.  This year it was the 6th anniversary of Jane’s daughter’s death and Jane says she’s still finding feathers in odd places.  She’s found them inside of her truck, sitting on her desk at work, in storage areas at work, sitting on top of her dresser, and stuck to her clothing/hair.  At first, Jane thought it was her husband messing with her, but she hadn’t said anything to him about her mysterious findings or
her thoughts behind them.  Finally, on a day that Jane said she needed to renew her faith the most, the anniversary of the day that the doctors had told her that her daughter was probably not going to come back to her and was placed on complete life support….a new feather from
heaven was delivered to her in the form of a framed, painted turkey feather.  It was meant to be.

When Jane shared this story with me, as I read it, first my eyes welled up but then I smiled and thought the same thing she did….it was
meant to be….that feather was meant for her and wow, what a blessing to me it was to be able to bring a little happiness to her life and to make a small difference.

Illustrator I

March 30, 2011
Illustrated Chrome

Illustrator Class project

I have gone back to school this fall!  I’m currently taking Intro to Multi-media and Graphic Design as well as Illustrator I at our local, community college.  I will definitely admit, it has been a bit stressful keeping up with everything but some of the stress involved has turned out to be a “good” kind of stress!  Yes, I do believe there is such a thing as “good” stress.  I truly think this is just what I needed.  I will say it has somewhat given me a creative jumpstart!  I have started painting again….after a rather lengthy hiatus.  I just finished a commission a couple of weeks ago (will post that a bit later) and have started sketching out my next painting idea as well as a new commission.  I have also started a new photography project called 365 Project.  Check it out at  ….I will post about that a little later as well…..  Anyway, back to the original topic… attached is a photo of my latest endeavor in Adobe Illustrator.  The assignment was to recreate a metallic/chrome object with illustrator…make it look like the metal you are portraying….get the highlights and reflections….layer by layer/piece by piece…then add that object to a CD Cover.  Create a band name and album name then put everything together for a visual concept to critique with the class.  The object I chose was a chrome hood ornament from some old car.  It was amazing the amount of time it took to create this but, I’m particularly proud of it….hence my post 😉  I will say I also have a new found respect for graphic designers and illustrators J  I am amazed at how time flies in front of a computer, doing image editing or, in this case, graphic design. 

Funny how the creative mind works….some things can spur it into working and cause a landslide of ideas and yet other things that you’d think would help initiate creativity just don’t.  I’ve said many times that I have to be in the “mood” to paint.  Well, that “mood” has been absent lately and I just did not have the initiation to try and find that mood….  I know, shame on me.  Well, this project was very labor intensive and stressful at times, however, I have to admit the process has gotten me jazzed about other new and upcoming projects…gotten my mind thinking on the creative level again….the mood has found me instead!  I was not expecting this….I mean, after all….when you got right down to it….this was homework.  Homework isn’t supposed to be “fun”, right??  🙂  ….at least that’s what my children, nieces, and nephews tell me J  I think last night’s class critique session also helped with that.  I have to admit, I don’t always look forward to those sessions but I think they’re very necessary.  It just so happened, last night’s critique was a definite positive.  I received positives overall and was joking told everyone in class hated me now…thanks everyone! 😛  ….I can’t help but think, “Would I still feel as jazzed and creative if the critique wasn’t as positive and there were things that I lacked and suggestions for change?”  I hope I would….even though suggestions and criticism aren’t always easy to take.

Anyway, what do you think??  Does it look chrome??

Jack of all trades….

January 29, 2010

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a lot of hobbies/passions.  In fact, just this evening, my dad was joking with me about how he thought I might have just a couple of free minutes and that maybe he needed to find something to fill them.  He told me that I had way to much going on.  I had to remind him that the weekends and a few weeknights are the only time I have to fit in my passions.  I refuse to live a life void of fun and void of all my passions.  If I wait until the perfect time to focus on my artwork or my photography….would it ever happen?  Probably not.  I really believe there’s never a “perfect” time for anything, it just happens or we make it happen and learn to make everything fit or “make” it the perfect time.  I don’t think perfection “just happens”.

My hobbies, although stressful sometimes, are a big part of my fun and most definitely my passions.  I love hunt, horseback ride, shoot sporting clays, paint, scrapbook, hike, camp, and work on my photography…..just to name a few.  Some of my hobbies provide “fuel” for other hobbies.  Horseback riding, camping, hiking, boating, all provide creative material for my artwork, scrapbooking, and photography.  The way I see it, it’s win-win…. 

Last weekend was a scrappin’ weekend….a lot of fun with good friends.  I had a lot of laughs of some great pictures, layouts, and company.  This weekend, it is all about photography.  I’m attending a weekend long seminar.  I’m hoping to learn more about using my camera, adapting for less than ideal photography opportunities, and just tips and tricks to improve.  I hope to learn more about how to capture the scene as my eyes see it, not as the camera sees it.

I’m really excited about the seminar and look forward to submerging myself in this hobby/passion for the weekend.  I’m already looking forward to applying the knowledge….I mean, its snowing!  Should make for some great photo ops!  The kids playing in the snow, the horses in the snow, the beautiful, clean landscape……can’t wait!

Photography….that’s my trade this weekend.  Yep, I’m basically a jack of most trades……..not sure that I’m a master of any but I sure have fun trying!  🙂

Inspiration, it’s everywhere….but I have no time for that right now….

January 21, 2010

I finally had some time with just me and my easel last weekend….well, I did have company besides just my easel.  I met a good friend of mine and we had a “paint day”.  Paint day- a day when we forget about laundry, dishes, and dust bunnies, and just concentrate on getting some paint on the canvas and some well deserved brush mileage.  It is amazing what I can accomplish on “paint days”.  I guess I give myself permission to just “paint”.  Don’t get me wrong, I have “normal” days with my easel where I get a lot done…however, I think it is very beneficial for creative minds to get together.  I think they feed off of each other and the creativity flows.  I feel so energized after when my creative mind is engaged.  It is like the rush you get after a great work-out.  You’re really tired but a “good” kind of tired.  I guess it is very similar…it is a creative mind workout!  

I’m always amazed at the littlest things that can engage my creative mind.  It can be as little as a “cool” color on something as seemingly insignificant as a rock to as grand as the view from a mountain top at over 9,000 feet elevation.  Whenever my mind is creatively charged like that, I just want to find an outlet for that.  I either want to paint, sketch, craft, or scrapbook.  Ah…scrapbooking, my new found love as well.  It holds a creative high for me too, but, that’s a different post….  I’ve found that when I’m not feeling very creatively inspired, all it takes is a stroll outside, a flip through an art magazine, looking through photographs I’ve taken, a chat with another creative soul, or just visiting some favorite websites….instant high.  However, I think one of the most frustrating things about being a creative, very visual person is not being able to unleash that creativity whenever the “charge” hits.  Whether it be the “day job”, domestic duties, prior commitments, the fam wondering what’s for dinner, they all present a little challenge…not now, no outlet right now…..   So, the question is, how can I store that creative charge for another time?  How do I juggle the necessities with the wants?  How do I fit in “me time”?