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Painting a day 2016-Day22-Plow horse

March 30, 2016
Plow horse-study 7"x5"

             Plow horse-study

This guy is one half of a big, Belgian team of horses that  I “met” at a historic horse, mule, and oxen farming days.  Such big, beautiful animals that seem to look graceful even when pulling a plow.

Every time I see a team of Belgians, I think of my grandpa “ship” and the summers he kept a team and let me “help” with a few of the chores involving the horses.  I was fascinated by those big, beautiful, blonde horses with the huge hooves.  I remember watching him harness, hitch, and drive them as if he’d been doing it all his life…..oh wait, …..he had.  What I wouldn’t give to have had a few more years with him to learn to drive a team like he did.


Painting a day 2016-Day 21-Austin Study 3

March 28, 2016

Austin Study #3 7″x5″

I got into photography as a result of my painting.  I knew I needed to gather my own reference material and photography was another creative outlet….except with the occasional, quicker result.  The more I got into photography, the more I loved the challenge of getting a new composition or viewpoint and coming up with a fresh, point of view.  I combined that with my love of being outdoors and playing with my horses and wildlife.  I even found myself lying on the ground while the horses grazed…..I’m sure the neighbors thought I was out of my mind….

This little painting is based on one of those days….lying on the ground, listening to soft crunching noise my horse ate grass around me.  Occasionally he’d come over and sniff my hair, tickle me with his nose and then move on around me—almost as if he’s just checking to see why I’m laying there and if I’m OK.  I miss that big furball with the gentle, kind soul.

“Life is too short, ride your best horse first.” ~unknown


Painting a day 2016-Day 20-Dixie Study

March 27, 2016

Dixie Study -7″x5″

This is Dixie.  Another in my dramatic light and vivid color mini series.  Black horses really do have a lot of color when they have great lighting and you look for it.  The photo reference for this was beautiful and worked well as a photo except it was too underexposed and I lost all of the detail in the shadow on the left side.  I tried to improvise and fill in some of the detail–I think I somewhat succeeded but the painting just didn’t meet up to my vision.  Although, sometimes it is tough to capture that vision in just an hour ala prima (all at once, wet on wet) session.  I think I’ll try this subject again….another day.  Until then, HAPPY EASTER all!

Percheron-Day 18

February 19, 2015
7"x5" oil on canvas panel

7″x5″ oil on canvas panel

“Ask me to show you poetry in motion, and I will show you a horse.”


Here is the link for this painting in the Daily Paintworks Gallery, thanks for looking:

Austin-value study-Day 2

February 2, 2015



Day 2 of my painting a day project

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Day 2 of the painting a day challenge for the month of February.

I decided to go with another value study. I did use a third color on this one….besides the burnt sienna and burnt umber, I used a tad bit of dirty white (“dirty” because it had a little bit of yellow pre-mixed into it) mixed in the burnt sienna, just because I wanted to add to the “dust effect”. This subject is very dear to my heart–this guy was my big, lovable furball, my “bubba”, my “buckwheat”…..I had several “pet names” for him….and most of the time, they were very endearing.  He rarely ever heard himself referred to as “knucklehead” or “pain in the arse”….ha ha, like others in our herd.  He was a horse with such a large but loving personality.  He liked to pick things up in his mouth and walk off with them, he liked to lick your hands, arms, etc. like a dog, and he loved to just follow you around and just “hang out”.  I trusted him entirely.  I’ve let more than one horse-crazy girl come and handle/brush him and then experience their first horseback ride on him.  I put two of my nieces on him to ride double, back from a dinner at our church and didn’t worry about them going down the road by themselves when my ride decided to throw a lil fit because he was scared of a cart being pulled by a pony.   I knew “bubba” would take care of the girls.  He truly loved being with his humans.

He was part Morgan and really carried himself as such.  He was a handsome guy and knew it most days.  This particular scene was of him “showing off” for me one day because he was jealous of me working with one of my other horses.  So, being the artist and photographer that I am, I immediately dropped everything and went to photograph his antics.  Yep, he knew how to turn the attention back on him.  Gosh, I truly miss this guy….the herd isn’t the same without him.

“Life is too short, so, ride your best horse first”.